CSR - Corporate Social Resposibilities

At Sullair India, social responsibility is primary. The desire to bring about a positive change in people's lives is the fuel that drives us. Corporate impact the society and the environment through their operations, products and services.

From the beginning, Sullair India has recognized this responsibility and worked towards the development of the wider community. Sullair India through its many initiatives has touched and improved the lives of many people who are socially deprived. The Company has from the very beginning devoted itself entirely to the cause of the upliftment of backward areas in the state.

Some of the initiatives taken are:

  • Developing and Supporting the under-privileged Old age and orphanages.
  • Free Scholarship to children belonging to the economically weaker section
  • Helping for Animal welfare
  • Primary pediatric health care
  • Blood Donation is one such activity which is done on a regular basis and saving lives during emergencies by our employees.
  • Two water purification systems donated in the village of Orissa.